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  • No WISBA 2016

    In recent weeks we received many requests whether there will be a WISBA 2016. Unfortunately we have to announce that WISBA 2016 will not take place.  However, we would like to thank you for your interest....

  • WISBA 2015 is over

    WISBA 2015 dealt with Building 2226 from Baumschlager Eberle architects. Building 2226 is a visionary statement towards simplicity and sustainability. Goal of WISBA 2015 was to analyse the building with regard to the future scenarios ‘climate change’ and ‘change of use’. The results showed that......

About Wisba

WISBA is an international education program dedicated to students of Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering who are outstandingly motivated in the field of sustainable building and wish to extend their knowledge and experience in this area.

WISBA 2015 supports these target groups in Austria, Belgium, Hungary, Italy, Poland and Switzerland by financing international training that is accredited with 5 ECTS (3 ECTS for KU Leuven students) and realized with experts from universities and industry. As high potentials, the scholars will also have an opportunity for a future internship at Wienerberger.

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  • Sustainability


    As WISBA is an international program, participants will need to travel (sometimes) by plane. We therefore use the carbon offset program by BOKU for flight compensation.

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  • Team


    WISBA takes place in six different countries with members from academia, Wienerberger as well as consultancy offices supporting the program.

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  • Projects


    Two project teams will analyse Building 2226 in Vorarlberg, Austria according to two different future scenarios and draft a conceptual design.

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  • Apply


    Application deadline ends on June 14th 2015. Make sure to safe your place!

  • Alumni Network

    Alumni Network

    So far 36 students from 6 countries, but far more nationalities have been participating in the previous two rounds of WISBA.

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  • Vision


    WISBA is a corner stone of Wienerberger´s initiative to overcome the challenge of an ever more resource intensive society and climate change in which buildings play a major role.

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Karol Jurkanis-Polen-Architekt-WroclawUniversityofTechnology


It was a great pleasure for me to take a part in the WISBA programme! I am very lucky that I could gather this experience!“ Karol Jurkanis, Architect, Wrocław University of Technology



The great workshops were a tremendous gain for me“ Maria Cimadom, Civil Engineer, University of Innsbruck

WISBA 2015

Start Conference in Zurich September 7th-8th 2015
First Workshop Zurich September 9th-11th 2015
Second Workshop Warsaw October 5th-7th 2015
Budapest October 12th-14th 2015
Third Workshop Leuven November 2nd-4th 2015
Pisa November 9th-11th 2015
Result Conference in Vienna December 10th 2015