WISBA Letter of Commitment

Confidentiality: The participant agrees irrevocably to treat as strictly confidential all private information concerning Wienerberger AG (“Wienerberger“) and/or its subsidiaries that is made available to him/her in connection with his/her participation in the WISBA program. The participant may only publish content related to WISBA and any resulting knowledge (in any form whatsoever) with the express written consent of Wienerberger.

Publications: As a matter of principle, the participant is permitted to use the results of his/her projects, e.g. in the form of academic work. However, publications on the results of WISBA activities and projects may only be published after the express written approval of the respective text by Wienerberger and in compliance with the above confidentiality requirements. The consent for publication may only be withheld for good cause. If approval is not denied within four weeks after a text is submitted to Wienerberger for approval, approval shall be deemed to be granted. The use of work and project results for pure academic purposes in connection with WISBA shall be permitted without limitation.

Use of work results by Wienerberger: The participant irrevocably agrees to grant Wienerberger the unlimited (in terms of time, place and content), transferrable and exclusive usage rights free of charge to all copyrights, intellectual property rights and other rights resulting from or created during the WISBA program, including but not limited to the right to change and process, for all current and future forms of use (in particular copying, distribution, provision of access, leasing, lending, sending, lectures as well as public demonstrations and performances). The participant explicitly waives the right to be designated as the author.

Use of photos by Wienerberger: The participant agrees that Wienerberger may use photos showing the participant taken during WISBA events for communication purposes. Such use may include but shall not be limited to displaying photos of the participant on the internet.