08 Feb WISBA 2015 is over

WISBA 2015 dealt with Building 2226 from Baumschlager Eberle architects. Building 2226 is a visionary statement towards simplicity and sustainability.

Goal of WISBA 2015 was to analyse the building with regard to the future scenarios ‘climate change’ and ‘change of use’. The results showed that despite the high standards of the building adaptations to make the building also fit for the climate in 2050 are necessary. However, these changes are possible and economically feasible. Furthermore, the students outlined the potential of the building for different use scenarios (e.g. as a flat or as a kindergarten). Based on the concept of a simple building without distinct heating or cooling installations students drafted a building which meets the requirements of highest possible flexibility while keeping a close eye on sustainability and costs.

Thanks to the magnificent support of our mentors and the excellent spirit of the students this huge task was finished in time. Thank you all for your great contributions!

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