03 Jun What is exactly WISBA Start Conference?

Gruppenarbeit-StartkonferenzThis year’s WISBA Start Conference will take place in Zurich at the Technical University (ETH Zürich). During this 5 day conference WISBA students will have the opportunity to meet with all mentors and Wienerberger representatives. Mentors will introduce you to the topics and tasks of the program. Goal of the conference is to bring project teams on track and to provide the knowledge and skills necessary to fulfill the challenge. Highlight of conference will be an excursion to this year’s case study object Building 2226 by architects Baumschlager Eberle. Following this students will jump right into their project!

WISBA Start Conference is a great chance for students to broaden their knowledge on sustainable building as well as to acquire specific information on the topics for the research projects and meet the professional and academic key figures. Furthermore we are sure that Zurich magnificent as it is, will keep you overwhelmed in a best possible way.

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