Our society has to face tremendous challenges. One of these mega-challenges is an ever more resource intensive society and climate change. Buildings – thus also construction industry – play a major role in this challenge.

Wienerberger accepts the challenge and actively contributes to overcome this challenge. An important part of the solution are path-breaking building solutions which already today meet strict energy efficiency requirements. But for Wienerberger it is clear that a long-term commitment to sustainability needs to be an integrative part on all levels of society as well as in every part of a company. The Wienerberger Sustainable Building Academy (WISBA) is a corner stone of Wienerberger’s initiative to promote future-proof buildings.

To participate in this program was an incredible opportunity for me and at the same time an amazing challenge where I could learn much more about sustainability and it makes me realize that this is the path where I still want to make progress in my career.” Aranzazu Ceron, Architect, University of Hanover


A key feature of WISBA is interdisciplinarity. Sustainable buildings require a much stronger interaction between architects and engineers. WISBA demands students of architecture and engineering to work in close collaboration on innovative building approaches – taking into account all three dimensions of sustainability.

A strong team of experts from renowned European universities and industry offers students not only their expertise at various events  but also gives them the opportunity to see and analyse outstanding examples of innovative architecture in several countries.