06 Jun Tips for a successful application

As application deadline is aproaching we would like to stress out few points that we would like to see in your  motivation letter:

  • Link the subject of the WISBA project to your own goals …clearly communicate the relationship of the subject to your own research, professional training needs, aspirations and future plans.
  • Indicate your motivation …reflect on your intellectual and practical motivation for undertaking the course and why you find the subject area especially interesting or challenging.
  • Build on your prior knowledge …explain how WISBA  will build on the knowledge you have already built up in the subject area.
  • Be focused …ensure your statement is intelligible to readers with expertise but avoids unnecessary jargon.
  • Demonstrate your commitment …show understanding of the chosen subject along with sensible preparation for taking the participation in WISBA.
  • Think about WISBA structure …link clearly to the description of the academic content.
  • Show your interest …point out if there are any particular areas of WISBA that are of interest to you, such as particular visits, internship opportunities or practical experience.


When you structure your expose, please have in mind the following points:

  • Articulate your research topic …indicate clear aims and objectives, key research questions to be answered and the research methods to be utilised.
  • Be informed about prior research…investigate your proposed field and be able to position your own study in context of the existing work in the area.
  • Signify added-value…explain why you chose your proposed field of WISBA and suggest why your work will be distinctive and will contribute to the development of the topic.
  • Demonstrate independent thinking…show the ability to distil the key elements of your detailed area of work.
  • Highlight your skills…describe how any prior training has helped focus your proposal and show what relevant skills you have.
  • Consider the broader context…research around your study and be informed about key sources that are available to you.


We are looking forward in reviewing your applications!

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