Jerzy Kwiatkowski

Jerzy Kwiatkowsky

Adjunct Professor Jerzy Kwiatkowski is a tutor at theFaculty of Environmental Engineering at Warsaw University of Technology. His field of interest is building physics, low or zero carbon technology, environmental assessments of buildings, LCC calculation and building simulation. He has a couple of years of experience in research on increasing energy efficiency and the rational use of energy in residential and public buildings.

Dr. Kwiatkowski participated in Sustainable Thermomodernization of Public Buildings (STEP) project of Warsaw University of Technology and is co-author of simplified environmental assessment method for buildings in Poland. In his numerous articles in international and Polish journals as well as presentations on seminars and conferences he focuses on energy efficiency in buildings, environmental assessment of buildings and LCC and LCA analysis. Dr. Kwiatkowski is also a BREEAM International assessor and BREEAM Approved Professional.