MMag. Michael Joos Corporate Sustainability Management
Wienerberger AG
DI Gerhard Koch Head of European Affairs &
Corporate Sustainability Management
Wienerberger AG
Mag. Vivien Lunda Institute for Multilevel Governance and Development
Vienna University of Economics and Business
Dr. Peter Holzer Institute of Building Research and Innovation
Ass.Prof. Alexander Passer Institute of Technology and Testing Building Materials
University of Technology Graz
Ass.Prof. Karin Stieldorf Institute of Architecture and Design
Vienna University of Technology
Mag. Christian Weinhapl Managing Director
Wienerberger Austria
Prof. Karen Allacker Department of Architecture
KU Leuven
Dr. Anita Ory Wienerberger Belgium
Prof. Niels De Temmerman Research Lab for Architectural Engineering
VUB – Vrije Universiteit Brussels
Benedek Kiss Wienerberger Hungary
Péter Medgyasszay, PhD Department of Architectural Engineering
Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Eszter Takacs Wienerberger Hungary
Caterina Gargari, PhD Department of Energy, Systems, Territory and Construction Engineering DESTeC
University of Pisa
Prof. Fabio Fantozzi
Ing. Dario Mantovanelli Marketing Manager
Wienerberger S.p.a. Unipersonale
Jerzy Klimm Head of Product Management
Wienerberger Poland
Jerzy Kwiatkowski, Ph.D., Eng. Faculty of Environmental Engineering
Warsaw University of Technology
Michael Fritsche Head of Sales and Marketing
ZZ Wancor AG
Prof. Guillaume Habert Institute of Construction and Infrastructure Management
ETH Zurich