Wienerberger AG is an international supplier of building material and infrastructure solutions based in Vienna. Wienerberger produces bricks for walls, facades and roofs, pipe systems made of plastic and ceramics, and pavers made of concrete and clay. Wienerberger operates 214 plants in 30 countries and currently has a workforce of over 13,000.

Sustainability represents an integral part of Wienerberger’s corporate strategy and corporate culture. It is found at every stage of the value creation process. Our sustainable products and system solutions form the focal point of our sustainability strategy. One of our most important goals is to create added value for our customers through our products and solutions with their long service life, technical properties, low impact on the environment over the entire lifecycle and economy. In general, we see sustainability as a function between the service life of a product and its impact on the environment during production, transport, installation, use and disposal.

But Wienerberger goes a step beyond its core activity as producer of sustainable construction materials. With organizing and funding the Wienerberger sustainable building academy recognizes the interdependence of the whole production chain if it comes to realize the goal of a sustainable built environment. Wienerberger sees the interdisciplinary collaboration of architects and engineers as a focal point of sustainable buildings; thus interdisciplinarity is one key characteristic of WISBA.



As Europe´s largest university for business and economics, the WU Vienna is aware and accepts the challenge of its pioneering role in society. The WU Vienna is emphatically committed to the principle of sustainability and is determined to bring it to life by applying it to teaching, research, and university management. As a strong research university, WU wants its research to help heighten awareness of responsibility and sustainability-related issues.
Sustainability also plays an important role in university management. The WU´s new campus is setting new standards in university architecture, green operations, and workplace design. The university is working hard to keep its ecological footprint as small as possible. The new campus shall provide the best conditions for working and studying.