Author: Dragana Petrovic

12 Jun Check list for the application

WISBA application deadline is on Sunday 14th of June at 23:59 CET. Please try not to submit your application at the very last moment, because it can be postponed due to an increased data flow. Check list: 1. Curriculum Vitae Education Studying in Masters degree (or equal to 4th...

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06 Jun Tips for a successful application

As application deadline is aproaching we would like to stress out few points that we would like to see in your  motivation letter: Link the subject of the WISBA project to your own goals …clearly communicate the relationship of the subject to your own research, professional...

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03 Jun What is exactly WISBA Start Conference?

This year’s WISBA Start Conference will take place in Zurich at the Technical University (ETH Zürich). During this 5 day conference WISBA students will have the opportunity to meet with all mentors and Wienerberger representatives. Mentors will introduce you to the topics and tasks of the program. Goal...

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